Fathers and Sons 

Many students of Jewish liturgy know of Abraham Dunajewski (1843-1911), the Russian cantor  who wrote the book Israelitische Tempel Compositionen for Sabbath and whose setting of Av Harachamim became popular throughout the world. Many individuals of Russian extraction know of Isaak Dunayevsky (1900-1955), the renowned Soviet composer and conductor who is considered one of the greatest Soviet-standard composers of all time and a favorite of Stalin. What many do not know, however, is that the latter…

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Immigration - The Early Years 


     The second set of songs on Crypto Jewish Melodies: Semitic Sounds of Russian Extraction starts with Papirosn. Sometimes colloquially referred to as "Cigaretten", the song was composed by Herman Yablokoff in 1922. Starting his Jewish journey as a young chorister from Grodno in the choir of Cantor Yoshe Slonimer and proceeding to make his home in the realm of Yiddish theater and radio, Yablokoff wrote this song after seeing children peddling cigarettes during the pogroms in Grodno after the First…

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Songs of War 

     A poignant part of both Jewish and Soviet history is the inexplicable hardship posed by WWII.

     While many know the Soviet standard Tyomnaya Noch (Dark is the Night) as a wartime ballad, composed by Nikita Bogoslovsky, few know the secret identity of the famous lyricist, Vladimir Agatov. Agatov was originally born "Velvel Isidarovich Gurevich" to a Jewish family in Kiev. A famous lyricist and poet with a significantly secularized identity, the poetic yearning revealed in his lyrics about home…

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Younger Audiences and the Soviet Thaw 



     Oscar Feltsman (1921-2013), born in Odessa to a Lithuanian Jewish family, was a legendary composer of Russian standards. Connecting to his Jewish identity upon his evacuation to Novosibirsk during World War II, Feltsman composed music for the Jewish theater of Belarus, along with his secular and popular compositions. Kolybelnaya, written during his later years, is a reflective lullaby sung to a child – evoking nostalgia about the white nights, youth, and serenity.

     Vladimir Shainsky…

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Beyond Borders 




     The influence of Russian music on Jewish culture and Jewish culture on Russian music continues to transcend borders and social history. Just as Jewish composers changes the Russian musical landscape, Russian folk music continues to influence the songs of Israeli folk dance and Kibbutzim.

     Efo Hen HaBachurot HaHen is perhaps one of the starkest examples of the endurance of Russian-Jewish musical exchanges. Made popular by Yehoram Gaon, Yossi Gamzu composed Hebrew lyrics to this Russian…

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